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100% integrated with the API Blockchain
for automatic checking of deposits, withdrawals and transfers

Only 3 Steps

1st Step

Make a 1-minute registration and get the lifetime license of the software robot for only 0.06 BTC

2st Step

Activated, log in to your software account and deposit the investment you want into the wallet created for you.

3st Step

Track real-time operations being done at integrated brokerages, 7 days a week. See the tradeshows, historic, chart, cash out and withdraw your profits as many times as you want.

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Advantages of
bitcoin auto trader software

  • Profits up to 30% per month on the investment inserted in it.

  • You receive daily 20% of the profits that your affiliates had the day before in 5 levels.

  • Automatically operates 7 days a week.

  • 100% integrated with the blockchain portfolio to automate your deposits, withdrawals and transfers.

  • Real-time monitoring of operations, brokers, charts, historic and possibility of manual intervention.

  • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits can be carried out any day, time and as many times as you want.

  • Unique and unique software for each user.

Why deposit in the software
and not in the brokerages?

See why we are the best choice

  • You would have to open an account at each of the brokerages, send your documents in each one, make a deposit in each one, and then set up the bitcoin auto trader software on each account, it would be a hard and complicated job.

  • To simplify and make it as easy as clicking, you just need to deposit into your own active bitcoin auto trader software account that through smart API integrations with 9 of the world's largest brokerages, it does all the diversification and trades for you.